The Lady in the Lake – Sedbuskers

Sedbuskers - The Lady in the Lake

Track Listing
  1. The Lady in the Lake
  2. Elizabeth Wilde
  3. The Clown
  4. Train Robbers
  5. Don’t Chase Porcupines
  6. The Schindler of Britain
  7. The Tinker Mans Daughter
  8. Night Shift
  9. Girls of Ipswich Town
  10. House Carpenter
  11. Middle Man
Sedbuskers, often referred to as the Bullenbush Band duo, are songwriters Sue and Ian Bembridge. The Lady in the Lake was released in April 2016 and was their first release under the Sedbuskers banner. The album features nine original songs plus two original arrangements of traditional songs. Sue is a talented singer and accompanies Ian on piano accordion, various recorders and guitar. Ian sings, plays mandocello, guitars and bass. This album also features guest musicians on fiddle, drums and bass. The songs tell stories, describe situations and reflect on historical events.
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– Maggie Moore, Mardles: The Folk Magazine for East Anglia

“I discovered the Sedbuskers in a showcase evening at Royston Folk Club May 2017. I was instantly transported by their skilled arrangements and witty lyrics. Ian performs with an energetic vitality, complimented by Sue’s beautiful transcendent vocals and haunting recorder. Each track is unique from their album “The Lady in the Lake” making it difficult to pick a favourite. I did particularly love “The Clown” and “Elizabeth Wilde”. There is an array of musicians to which Sedbuskers remind me of, including Pentangle and Jethro Tull, but ultimately they have their own individual style mixing folk and rock characteristics.”

– Hannah Thomas, cellist of Solasta

“Authentic song writing with distinctive resonant and sweet vocals that grip you with their stories. The album cover has gorgeous textures, night colours and a great CD format. My stand out track is Elizabeth Wilde.”

– Daniel Crow, Re-Fuel in York

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