Walthamstow Market – Bullenbush Band

Walthamstow Market - Bullenbush Band

Track Listing
  1. Looking for a Partner/John of Paris
  2. The Clown
  3. Walthamstow Market
  4. Seasons
  5. Lady of Mystery
  6. Blackbird
  7. When Civilisation Comes
  8. Galopede/Double Lead Through
  9. The Walking Tune
  10. Edith & the Kingpin
  11. Wintry Night’s Schottische/Blue Eyed Rascal
  12. My Bill
Walthamstow Market was recorded and released on vinyl in 1987. The album was recorded, produced and mastered at Middlesex Polytechnic School of Music by Tony Gibbs and Ian Bembridge. Walthamstow Market features some traditional arrangements, original songs by Ian Bembridge and Sue Bembridge and covers of Sandy Denny, Joni Mitchell, P.G. Woodhouse & J.Kern.
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Folk rock record collectors or anyone interested in purchasing an original press copy of the record should contact the band directly. Please note that stock is very limited.

Musicians on Walthamstow Market

Sue Bembridge – Vocals, Treble & Alto Recorders, Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer, Martin 016 Acoustic Guitar
Ian Bembridge – Vocals, Martin D35 Acoustic Guitar, Fender Stratocaster Lead Guider, Fender Precision Bass
John Bullen – Hohner Accordian, Upright Piano, Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer
Steve Deeks – Bodhran, Snare Drum



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