On The Edge – Bullenbush Band

On The Edge - Bullenbush Band

Track Listing
  1. George’s Son/On The Edge
  2. Round O
  3. One More Flower
  4. Captain Pugwash/The Old Grey Cat
  5. Tenpenny Bit/Father O Flynn
  6. Regular Drunk
  7. Nunthorpe Jig/Dragon Song
  8. Weazel
  9. River In The Pines
  10. Winster Gallop/Bakewell Trot
  11. Walthamstow Market Revisited
On The Edge was the second Bullenbush Band album, released to cassette tape in 1992. The songs and tunes were this time written by Ian and Sarah Heath. Graham Baldwin, a professional jazz drummer, was also added to the lineup.
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Musicians on On The Edge

Sue Bembridge
Sarah Heath
Graham Baldwin
Ian Bembridge
John Bullen


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